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What We Offer

Technical Co-founder 90%
Database Development 85%
Web Design 70%
Technology Strategy 60%
Web Application Development 90%
Requirements Analysis and Validating Business Model 100%
Business Strategy 50%
Innovation 35%

Welcome to Cygnus! ( name origin )

Cygnus is a technology solutions platform driven by individual passion and excellence, united by our ambition to be the  world’s best network of entrepreneurs supporting other startup entrepreneurs to identify and engage technology cofounders for their venture easily and effortlessly as possible. Our aim is to remove all headaches related to technology challenges in a startup and allow teams to focus and play their strengths. This helps startups to really start and get to its first revenue in the quickest time frame possible. We address numerous challenges associated with starting, sustaining and running a successful, profitable business that helps to change the world for better one step at a time.

Who we are?

We are a group of bright entrepreneurs and our team has been building companies since the past decade and created over a dozen successful companies in many industry verticals predominantly focussing on the online marketplace. We are headquartered right in the vibrant centre of Princeton, next to the university and operate under a network of 100’s of talented entrepreneurs and expert consultants covering all relevant and developed emerging markets.

Our primary focus is on building proven transaction based business models in the online and mobile space. We are also equally brave in embracing unproven business models and uncover market needs to build a viable online company. We are extremely involved in the ventures we work with and 9 out of 10 times we play a role as a technology co-founder to truly take part in the thick and thin of things towards building a great company while at the same time creating best experiences and memories in our entrepreneurial journey.

We love building companies and extremely passionate about entrepreneurship. We take our work very seriously and push the boundaries of innovation every single day.

Why Choose Us?

We are passionate entrepreneurs who loves crazy ideas. We support entrepreneurs from idea stage to build global startups leveraging technology to solve real world problems with a pure focus on performance. We have helped many startups to really start and build great products yet remain humble and understand that success is a result of hard work.

We focus on the details and share our acquired knowledge and experiences from over the years to help build companies from a concept to its first revenue in the quickest possible timeframe with utmost efficiency using the lean startup model.

We strive to be selfless and pragmatic and have no time for politics. We get things done and believe that anything is possible. We are not afraid to take risks and we thrive in a culture where autonomy and individual responsibility is valued the most. We are flexible towards uncertainty and really a cool bunch of folks to hang out with. Most importantly, we have deep connections in many industry verticals. So, if you want to be successful - get us in your team.

What's New?

Few exciting new startups in the State of NJ is utilizing Cygnus platform and has identified immense value in engaging tech co-founder for their startups. It is a different kind of partnership where we deep dive into the venture and make tough decisions on business strategy and positioning and build application features based on those decisions to take the venture from point A to point B quickly. Cygnus is currently working on laying out technology roadmap for game changing startups in the exciting healthcare segment and the crowd funding domain.

We are currently working on a health and wellness vendor management system that applies behavioral economics to increase employee utilization of these services, which leads to a reduction in health costs. This SaaS application also provides robust management dashboards that track engagement, vendor utilization, costs, and other trends. It is vendor agnostic and integrates all of an employer’s current health and wellness programs into one location. Then, utilizing proprietary analytics along with third-party predictive reasoning algorithms, medical claims are reviewed to identify individual employees who are noncompliant with clinical guidelines, to predict future costs, and to prescribe necessary actions to lessen those risks.

We are also building a crowd sourcing SaaS platform on the social and entertainment domain with few very cool enterpreneurs who are well known in the industry and command great respect in the State of NJ area. We are working with few other startups that are in the ideation phase at this time and soon will come out of its incubation with a big bang. Stay tuned!

Services Offered

Here is a list of our services that can help accelerate innovation, increase productivity, reduce costs and optimize startup resource utilization. We guarantee that our solutions will help you derive maximum value for your investments.


Technical Co-Founder

Starting a business is tough. Many of the mistakes are the same so bringing in experts can greatly impact your success. Cygnus has extensive background in startups and will join your team to take your concept from the napkin to first revenue. Entrepreneurs are facing similar challenges on a daily basis. So, why not leverage the expertise from other successful entrepreneurs to help your business launch faster and more successfully? That's precisely what we offer as co-founders of your company and participate in the thick and thin of things and help you breakthrough the blocks that are holding you back from building a successful technology business.


Consulting CTO

Are you funded? Do you have a small inhouse technical team and looking for a startup friendly CTO to manage the product roadmap and build cohesive teams? Cygnus can provide you with a strong CTO with relevant background that can help you scale your business and technical teams. We can work with you and creatively package models that can offer you with multiple solutions. We have worked with ventures on a monthly retainer fee with equity exchange or a direct fee for service basis based on whatever works best for both the parties.


Outsourcing Solutions

Outsourcing is not for everyone though most of the companies in today's business world can benefit from getting specialized expertise on an as-needed basis instead of hiring a full-time staff and supervising them to get productivity out of them. If we identify that outsourcing will work for you then your growing business can benefit from a wide of range of state-of-the-art services and resources for a fraction of what it used to cost. Cygnus can provide various engagement models in outsourcing your technology product development and other business related activities and can work with you to make your business run as smoothly as possible.


Strategy Consulting

An idea without execution is worthless? Are you wondering how can you turn your mess of ideas into something organized and useful? If you have good ideas for projects and they are all halfway there, only partially fleshed out, or just inspiration with no real plan behind them Cygnus can help you validate your ideas and identify winning ideas through business model generation and develop a sound strategy for execution. We help you visualize the entire venture development lifecycle so that you can go out and execute your idea at high speed and with utmost confidence.

Cygnus Track Record & Value Creation

  • client

    One word- amazing! Bala, has brought a wealth of experience and ability to our team and helped to push our platform to the next level. I am extremely impressed with his technical knowhow but even more valuable is his critical thinking. We've spent many hours on the white-board together working through various business problems and he always seems to come up with very innovative solutions that fit within an early stage company budget. He is a fantastic addition to our team and is invaluable to HOW's success.

    Clark Lagemann, Healthcare Entrepreneur

What We Do

Here is a list of successful projects we have completed. If you need any additional details, get in touch with us.
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